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Agave Cardio Yoga

Ranges in cardio flow through yoga poses and movement to get your heart rate up. 

Agave 50+

Tailored to help stretch and strengthen. This is a relaxing class which allows your body to release and recover from the stress of daily life.

Agave Slow Burn

Keeps the heat up, but slows the tempo down. Perfect for all levels!

Agave Free Vinyasa Beginner Flow

Worried you are not flexible enough to do yoga? Come and get connected in mind, body and soul in a fun non-judgmental environment.

Agave Vinyasa Gentle Flow 50+

Tailored to individuals wanting gentle stretch and yoga flow while deepening our connection to mind body and soul.

Great for beginners!

Agave 50/50 Yoga

Combination of energizing Vinyasa flow yoga and restorative Yin yoga. First half is vinyasa flow and the second half practices primarily on the floor with longer held poses to promote deeper stretching.


Agave Yoga Shred

Build lean muscle and burn calories as we combine weights, yoga and cardio intervals. This class is heated to 80° and set to upbeat music.

Agave Restore

and Repair

Optimize the body utilizing mobility flow and core stabilization to fortify the body and improve range of motion.


This class is appropriate for all levels!

Agave Energy Barre/Pilates

High energy, low impact total body workout will tone the core, glutes, legs, and arms! 

Grip socks recommended.

Agave Vinyasa Flow

Wake up and feel ready for your weekend! Develop strength and flexibility through practicing traditional poses.

Agave Lava Flow

Infrared heated vinyasa flow yoga class will help cultivate awareness that links each breath and action to the next on the mat and in our lives.

Sun Salutation Summer Solstice

Join us to welcome the Summer solstice and celebrate a new beginning! SRoll through you 108 salutations! 

Agave Yoga Flow

Move through a full body sequence working to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Expect to leave class feeling more peaceful and calm. 


This class is suitable for all levels!

Agave Circuit

Fitness Training

Cycle through several exercises (usually 5-10) targeting different muscle groups with minimal rest in between.

Tennis Shoes needed.

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